Salva Automatic Bread Slicer

Salva’s range of Bakery Bread Slicers have been designed for continuous operation and slice any type of loaf. The slicers are built with high quality components, ensuring a long working life and guaranteed low maintenance.

Key Features

  • Designed to withstand any type of effort and continuous work situations
  • Made of Teflon, which allows a clean and smooth cut of all types of bread, including Artisan
  • Fast, precise and clean slicing thanks to its singular blade design
  • Low maintenance and long working life
  • Modern appearance and refined design
  • Non-stick, so oil lubrication isn’t necessary
  • Ability to adjust the cutting thickness, allowing you to easily select the number of slices and their thickness between 2 and 25mm (depending on the type of bread)
  • The Automatic Claw stabilises the bread during cutting and ensures bread handling after the cut
  • Safer operation than standard slicers due to the automatic, locking sliding door
  • Made in Spain

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Product: Salva Automatic Bread Slicer
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