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    Beyond Bread and Butter Hardcover Book
    Beyond Bread and Butter Hardcover Book
    Beyond Bread and Butter
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    Beyond Bread & Butter: A Celebration of Sourdough is the result of a collaboration between specialists engaged in a process to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

    Food is the perfect place to start blurring boundaries between chefs, bakers, growers, suppliers, designers, photographers, tradespeople, and advisors. One thing we’ve learned during this process is that collaboration and sharing information is at the heart of all well-developed ideas and great relationships. Cooking and baking are processes that are shaped across years as we acquire information, experiment, experience, and share ideas. Fundamentally, like all craftspeople, we’re focused on the end result of making incredible products that enrich people’s daily lives. We envisioned this cookbook as more than a compilation of recipes – it was to be our way of demonstrating the care that goes into making sourdough bread and thoughtful, sophisticated food in any kitchen or bakery around the world.

    In addition, somewhere along the way we developed a deep passion for reducing food waste, beginning with waste sourdough. We believe that to be effective, the reduction of food waste needs to be considered common practice in businesses and households. In this book, every recipe used fresh or old sourdough bread as a component of the dish. We hope you see this book as something inspiring, informative, beautiful, and timeless.

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