Oval Banneton Basket

Crafted from 100% natural and sustainable rattan, the oval banneton basket is not only perfect for all of your bread-proofing needs, it’s also environmentally friendly and built to last! The oval shape will help to produce plump, tempting loaves and the rattan material allows the dough to breathe whilst proofing. This versatile basket is perfect for proofing all types of bread.

Key Features

  • Hand made from 100% naturally grown rattan material
  • Perfect for any bakery, patisserie, wholesale and home baker
  • Simply proof any type of bread in the basket and dust lightly with flour
  • Used here at Vanrooy for all industry demonstrations/customer trials with renowned bakers and chefs
  • Includes 1x Liner Cloth
  • Built to last
  • Food safe rattan cane
  • Environmentally friendly & reusable
  • Dimensions:25cm X 13cm X 8.5cm
  • Also available in round shape
  • Please send an enquiry with your desired quantity, bulk purchase discounts will apply for orders 30+ and we will ensure the best postage method is used for your location

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Product: Oval Banneton Basket
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