Chocolate World Mini Moulding Line – M1800S1 & M1800S2

The Chocolate World Mini Moulding Line has been specifically designed to attach to your current tempering unit, allowing you to automatically fill several moulds at a time.

Key Features

  • Designed to enable the processing of several mould layouts during a single production run
  • Chocolate is distributed directly from the tempering machine into the moulds
  • Fill up to 4 moulds a minute
  • Surplus chocolate is collected and pumped back to the automatic tempering machine
  • A pushing system places the moulds under the tempering machine, which fills the moulds with chocolate
  • Equipped with vibrating table to eliminate any air bubbles
  • The moulds are scraped with a double scraper and vibrated on the vibrating table
  • Afterwards, the moulds can be turned over in order to create chocolate shells
  • Features four different heating systems that can be adjusted to your desired setting
  • Easily moveable on castors
  • Available in different sizes

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Product: Chocolate World Mini Moulding Line – M1800S1 & M1800S2
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