Izo Manual Doughnut Fryer

Izo Manual Doughnut Fryer

Made in Croatia, the IZO doughnut frying range has been designed specifically to bring flexibility and efficiency to your production. The Izo Manual Doughnut Fryer Australia range are simple to operate free standing units that require minimal training and are available with provers underneath.

Key features

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  • Designed to increase your doughnut frying capabilities
  • Manual model with dual handle system
  • Designed for 16 or 24 doughnuts, model dependant
  • Made of high grade stainless steel
  • Available with integrated dough prover
  • Available with extra loaders and standard or prover trolleys
  • Extra large doughnuts can be ordered with custom loaders/inserts
  • Simple to operate (See video below)
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Produce 160 doughnuts per hour with the FR-16
  • Produce 240 doughnuts per hour with the FR-24
  • Easy to move on castors
  • Made in Croatia

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