Ifi Cubika Refrigerated Display Case

An impressive, refrigerated display case that is strong and squared with a unique and modern design, transparent surfaces and large capacity.

Key Features

  • Unusual and impressive shape
  • LED lighting
  • Available in 4 units and 3 corner models in 3 different heights (15,1 cm; 135,1 cm and 145 cm)
  • Available in 4 seasons version (Refrigeration – Freezer) which can be used as an ice-cream display case (-12/-18°C) or as a pastry display case (+4/+8°C) with 60/70% humidity
  • Different applications available including: ice cream, 4 seasons, pastry, praline, cold snacks, hot snacks and food bain-marie
  • Mono-bloc construction insulated with polyurethane of high density (40Kg/m³)
  • Construction of glass in frame of shiny aluminium
  • Electronic thermostat with temperature display on the operator’s side and one on the customer’s side
  • Heated double glasses, tempered, pyrolytic on the front and on the sides
  • 3 different heights : 115,1/135,1/145cm
  • The front glass opens upwards
  • Display surface with 9° inclination
  • Refrigeration system with double evaporator
  • Hot gas or reverse cycle for defrosting
  • Optionally: Tropicalization → Remote motor tested in 43° ambient temperature
  • Certification CE for Europe, GOST Standard for Russia and ETL for North America
  • Tested in 35°C with 60% relative humidity
  • TD models with two different temperatures in the same display case
  • It can be connected with all the other display cases of the Cubika series
  • Available in the following models: 1100 (6+6 / 4+4); 1600 (9+9 / 6+6); 2100 (12+12 / 8+8); 3200 (18+18 / 12+12)
  • Corner models with 115,1 / 135,1 cm height: 1/30° 7+6; 2/30° 6+7; 2/45° 5+7
  • Made in Italy

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Product: Ifi Cubika Refrigerated Display Case
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