Escher ES52 Bread Slicer

The Escher ES52 is back loaded bread slicer and features two motorised belts with electrically operated height adjustment.

Key Features

  • Cutting height 45-50 mm or 60-160 mm (one or the other) electrically adjustable (up-down)
  • Fixed knife pitch-choice between 9 and 18 mm
  • Net cutting width: about 510 mm
  • Extraction handle for the last loaf of bread
  • Very silent Operation
  • Suitable for cutting all bread types.
  • Depending on the product to be cut, productivity ranges from 500 to 1000 pcs/h.

Optional Accessories include:

  • Built in bag blower
  • Motorised table to connect to packing line
  • Photocell to pause the slicing
  • Gravity chute and a blade oiling system

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Product: Escher ES52 Bread Slicer
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