E-Mac Professional Automatic Gnocchi Machines

Looking for a machine that continuously produces delicious, high quality Gnocchi at the click of a button? The E-Mac Professional Automatic Gnocchi machine range has you covered. These machines combine innovation and tradition for you to utilise whole ingredients and create perfect Gnocchi with every use.

Key Features

  • Designed to make premium quality gnocchi utilising whole ingredients
  • Comes in two models/sizes – the GN2 & GN6
  • Produces up to 80kg of Gnocchi an hour
  • Suited to the production of potato gnocchi & dumplings
  • Automatic flour duster to dust dumplings
  • Moulding device to produce smooth or striped dumplings
  • Rear conveyor belt allows gnocchi to be to be fed through machine continuously without having to stop the machine
  • Easy to dismantle & clean
  • Comes on a trolley
  • Equipped with all safety devices in accordance with current regulations
  • Made in Italy

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Product: E-Mac Professional Automatic Gnocchi Machines
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