Bernardi Pizzaiola – 48kg Finished / 60 Litre Double Arm Mixer

The Pizzaiola has been designed with the professional pizzaiolo’s needs in mind. This compact freestanding double-arm kneading machine is particularly suitable for all types of pizza dough and bread, utilising a variable speed operation. With its variable speed settings, it efficiently kneads and oxygenates 5kg to 48kg of pizza dough, maintaining a quality that upholds the highest traditions. The exclusive patented compact system allows the double arms to operate in minimal space while delivering exceptional performance. The Pizzaiola Series excels at combining medium hydration doughs, even up to 75%.

Key Features

  • Freestanding 48kg double arm mixer
  • Variable speed controlled arm moving system (from 35 to 55 strokes per minute)
  • Patented double-arm compact system
  • Completely extractible kneading arms ensure emptying and cleaning operations are easier.
  • High torque efficiency induction engine
  • High hydration dough up to 75%
  • Double-channel emergency stop system (“Safety Torque Off”)
  • Electromechanical control board operation

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Product: Bernardi Pizzaiola – 48kg Finished / 60 Litre Double Arm Mixer
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