Bakon Jelly Easy

Designed by Bakon to spray all types of ready to use glazes, the Jelly Easy range come in three models to best suit all your production needs. Let your products glaze and shine with the Jelly Easy Range

Key Features

  • Short heating time
  • Fixed temperature at 90°C
  • Temperature of the heated hose is fixed at 70°C
  • Output of 400 cc / min. per spray gun
  • Sprays almost any type of glaze
  • Equipped for the use of Bag-in-box ready to use glaze
  • Integrated heater and compressor
  • Stainless steel and maintenance free
  • Jelly Easy TT – Tabletop
  • Jelly Easy I – Freestanding on castors with One Spray Gun
  • Jelly Easy II – Freestanding on castors with One Spray Gun

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Product: Bakon Jelly Easy
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