The Energy-Efficient Deck Oven You Need!

Read on to learn more about the Salva Elecsol Electric Deck Oven and how it can benefit not only the quality of your products but the environment as well.

The all-new Salva Elecsol Electric Deck Oven boasts functionality and aesthetics in its eco-energetic design. Whilst the external structure of the oven is built in stainless steel AISI 430, the front consists of black glass panelling and glass doors built with low-emission Low-E glass. This new, energy-efficient deck oven is not only a nod to the sleek, innovative designs that Salva is renowned for, but also to the growing demands for bakers to produce high-quality products at a lower cost to the environment.

Benefits & Features

Salva’s Elecsol Electric Deck Ovens use stone sole plates and adjustable electric heating elements to produce high-quality bread with an outstanding appearance and unrivalled base. This range of ovens is the answer for Artisan Bakers seeking to make different varieties of quality bread, but with a lighter and more flexible solution than a traditional Deck Oven. The oven’s thermal mass guarantees the uniform quality of the final product, whilst the low heat dispersion ensures that the oven’s heat power is used to the full.

Other features include the distribution of shielded electric resistances to obtain uniform and high-quality cooking; the all-new STC system (elaborated on below); Large surface heat emission on the floor and ceiling of each chamber; the ability to independently control the roof, floor, and mouth resistances; and guaranteed temperature stability over time.

Degree of Innovation

Salva’s award-winning and innovative technology separates them from the rest as they continue to push the boundaries and look towards the future. The energy efficiency of the oven is where a lot of the innovation lies. It has an ECO-energetic design, the oven doors are built with low emission, Low-E glass, and it also has low consumption, which allows the heat power to be used fully. Users can independently control the roof, floor and mouth resistances, and high thermal mass allows for stable temperature, guaranteed to last over time.

There are several accessories available to purchase with the Elecsol, including the robust and innovative setter loaders by Salva, which can work in tandem with the oven to load and unload high quantities of product.


The Elecsol is a unique oven created and originally innovated by Salva. The oven distributes shielded electric resistances to obtain uniform and quality cooking, whilst allowing the user to have independent control of the roof, floor, and mouth resistances in each module. This, combined with the stone sole plates provide even the most demanding Baker with a more flexible solution for achieving higher-quality crusts, crumb, and flavour. As mentioned previously, the features of this oven allow the user to achieve a product in a more environmentally, cost-effective, and efficient manner whilst never having to worry about diagnosing issues or downloading software with the new inbuilt Salvalink system.


The Salva Elecsol Electric Deck Oven is available in a range of sizes to suit both the space of your bakery as well as your production needs, whether they be small or large. As already mentioned, the Elecsol 3C/1P200 Advance model can even be powered by just one 32amp plug, allowing bakers to achieve high-quality products at a lower cost to the environment and their energy bills. Similarly, several accessories can be purchased with the Elecsol, one of which is the robust and innovative setter loaders by Salva, which can work in tandem with the oven. This means that there is a solution that will work for your team and product to suit the bakery’s space requirements.


The intuitive and extremely easy-to-use electronic Smart Touch Control panel (STC) provides instant feedback on the baking process and allows users to simply scroll through and set programs whilst also allowing for simple manual control if desired. The control panel is displayed on a high-resolution screen with easy navigation between menus and adopts pictograms for ease of use. The ergonomics and user-friendliness were extensively tested to limit confusion and the need for further assistance after installation. Each deck has its own individual STC, allowing for greater freedom, flexibility, and control over baking different products at the same time.

Cost Efficiency

With the Elecsol’s lower connected power outlet and energy consumption, coupled with its ECO-energetic design and Low-E glass doors, baking with this oven will decrease your overall power and energy usage; thereby contributing to a lowered environmental footprint and more money in your pocket.

Relevance & Satisfaction

The brand-new range of Salva Elecsol Electric Deck Ovens meets the demands of the modern Artisan Baker. The range is the answer for those seeking to make different varieties of quality bread, but with a lighter and more flexible option than a traditional Deck Oven. There is no denying the importance of implementing more sustainable working practices in the industry, nor is there the rise of energy bills; the energy-saving capabilities of the Elecsol make it a perfect solution for helping both.


Salva has been able to make the new Elecsol Deck Oven range with fewer resources and greater customisability, ultimately resulting in energy-saving capabilities and a decrease in their environmental footprint. On top of this, the 3C/1P200 Advance model only requires a 32amp plug to power the oven, further contributing to greener production and lowering energy bills for the baker.

Distribution & Availability

Vanrooy Machinery is not only Salva’s number-one worldwide dealer but is also the exclusive supplier of Salva equipment to Australia and New Zealand. The Salva Elecsol will be made to order in Spain to ensure perfect specification and size for the customers’ requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the Salva Elecsol Electric Deck Oven, please click here. Or, to make an enquiry, please click here and our team of experts will be in touch as soon as possible.

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