Some helpful tips for maintaining your Vanrooy machinery

We thought it would be vital to give you guys some tips to prolonging your machinery and making it perform longer than you could have ever imagined.

Unfortunately, commercial food machinery (unlike our own cars) often seem to get forgotten about when it comes to servicing and cleaning. It’s very rare and unusual that someone who purchases a car will ever just not get it serviced (however we did hear of someone recently driving until 100,000kms without a service, now that’s crazy).

It’s also very rare that a car does not at least receive some sort of vacuuming every once in a while and a nice sponge bath on the outside to let that exterior glow.

Keeping machines clean and serviced is vital to their longevity and performance.

A simple wipe down and occasional maintenance check can go a lot further than you think and we encourage all our customers to not only take pride in their new investments but to look after them as well. By looking after your equipment, you will continue to perform for longer whilst possibly eliminating any need for the Vanrooy vans to be at your doorstep (we are always here when you need us though, 24/7, just remember that).

At Vanrooy we think having clean machinery is like having a clean car or freshly cleaned house. It’s an extremely satisfying feeling, one that you would like to have all the time however sometimes life just gets in the way and it starts to escape you.

So here are some of our tips to keep your machines clean and performing time after time, year after year.


  • Just give them a nice wipe down (nothing fancy, just keep the clean)
  • Ensure food is not left in them for periods of time
  • Do not leave touch screens or panels dirty (this will effect your responsiveness)
  • Always remove hoppers (when possible) after use and clean appropriately
  • Ensure your machines have enough space to breath (they can get hot too you know)
  • Never use canola oil as a lubricant on any mechanical parts (yes it happens…)
  • Be gentle on your controls and handles where you can
  • Get rid of those mice and pesky animals hiding
  • Do not exceed recommended production capacities or loads (this is never good for the longevity if your components)
  • Give them a vacuum (if needed)
  • Be careful when moving or transporting your equipment around


Keeping everything neat and tidy will not only prolong your machines and aesthetically enhance your work environment but will also improve the very important aspect of food health and safety. For more information regarding your working environment visit:

If you are ever unsure of how to clean a machine, would like some advice regarding the servicing of a component or just want to see what we do in The Vanrooy Test Kitchen, contact us and talk to our friendly service team anytime.

Phone: 03 9768 3300



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