Making your own flour and bread with Mockmill

As we all look to fill the void in our foodie lives whilst COVID-19 continues to keep some of our favourites closed, Mockmill is making the transition easier for all of us to create our own homemade sourdough bread. Designed to assist you mill your own speciality flours at different coarseness, the Mockmill range will not only save money but give you the opportunity to make clean label products with an abundance of positive health benefits.

From cracked wheat to fine wholemeal, you decide when those nutritional treasure chests get opened and what blend you wish to create.

The Mockmill range of environmentally friendly and sustainable flour mills are simple to use bench-top units with an aesthetic style that matches the end result. Designed as a plug and play unit, the Mockmill’s are taking Instagram by storm with bread and grain enthusiasts around the country showing off just what they can do and what they have created with their mills.

“Point of difference is something all our customers strive to achieve, but when you can do it so simply, it makes the process very exciting and sparks the creative side of your brain into overdrive” David Van Rooy

We can guarantee you the Mockmill range will expand your thinking and bring your innovative ideas to life, well it has for us anyway. We have run spices and cinnamon sticks through the mill for our fruit buns, peas, corn and other legumes for various sourdoughs, and created a delicious range utilising oat, long grain rice and chia seeds.

At Vanrooy, we have been using our machine to mill and create incredible gluten free flour here in The Test Kitchen and the best part is, unlike most gluten free flours on the market, ours has zero additives and zero stabilisers! There are other health benefits to making bread the old-fashioned way, as well-known dietitian Joanna McMillan explains: “When you stone grind the wholegrain instead – as we would have done in days gone past – and especially if you do this yourself at home, the result is a more rustic bread with a significantly higher level of an array of nutrients, much higher fibre and a far lower GI.”

Better hurry though, the extreme demand and popularity for the Mockmill range has meant we only have a handful of units left! You can secure yours online or by calling us on 03 9768 3300

Stay tuned for our full length video on how to make your own sourdough loaf from scratch at home utilising the Mockmill flour mill.

If you would like to learn more about milling your own flour, please click the link here to a fantastic article written by Jane Holroyd.

We hope everyone continues to #supportyourlocalbaker during this difficult time.

Image courtesy of Three Mills Bakery, Beyond Bread & Butter Book.

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