Big mixers for big solutions.

Think big, think different. Well that’s what we did…

Learn about how Escher’s new range of BIG mixers will make a BIG difference to your current production. The Escher Industrial Mixers are built for high volume, high paced production and can be stand-alone machines or part of an automated process. Escher think ahead to the future and not just in the present, utilising new technology, power saving advancements and product improving materials to constantly redevelop and remaster the art of industrial dough mixing.

Let us introduce you to the gang.

The PM D (Your pastry friend)

Planetary Mixer with double tool and removable bowl for the production of dough for semi-industrial and industrial pastries: airy texture creams, plum cakes, short pastry, almond paste, sponge cake, deposited and extruded biscuits, baked goods in general.

We don’t want to bore you with a list of dot point features about why this mixing solution is so amazing, so we just chose a few below for you.

The mixer features a state of the art independent tool movement with individual speed regulation and the possibility to invert movement (VDS – Vario Drive System). This allows the creation of mixing geometries and flows that homogenise and improve dough quality.

Included also is a bowl rotation with adjustable speed and the possibility to invert rotation. All these features with an OIL FREE mixer. That’s right, don’t worry about any oil being in your PM D and enjoy the improvements in hygiene and reduction in machine maintenance.

You also have the option for the PM D to be supplied with a complete range of tools for different uses and doughs / injection of hot air (to help dissolve certain ingredients) and cold air / hopper for loading ingredients /automatic ingredient loading system / flanged opening on tool cup /touch-screen and recipe memorisation as standard equipment.

So now you have met our big mixer for your pastry products, now it’s time to say hello to your bread solution.

The MW (The bread connoisseur)

The MW-line is a range of mixers with removable bowl and double mixing tool. The bowl transmission for these machines is available in two versions: with the patented taper bowl locking and motion system or the traditional system with clamps and double friction wheel. Compared to other mixing systems, these machines offer essential advantages with regard to dough quality:

  • Rapid homogeneous blending of all ingredients is followed by intensive kneading (dough-friendly)
  • Higher hourly output rates due to short kneading cycle

Suitable for all types of doughs (bread/biscuits/patisserie):

  • Wheat flour
  • Rye flour
  • Wholemeal
  • Delicate dough or doughs with fruit
  • Cracker or yeast doughs with high levels of fat and sugar
  • It is also possible to mix fat creams and other fillings such as chocolate, nougat and truffle fillings.

(We made a very nice fruit loaf using the MW system and on another occasion created an incredible granola, very tasty. )

Each mixer can also be equipped with a touch screen and speed control for the tools and bowl (VDS -Vario Drive System). Just like its brother, the MW also features the amazing Oil Free transmission that will allow you to focus more on other things in the business rather than worrying about your dough. Who doesn’t want that!

Now you have met the industrial mixing solutions for the perfect pastry or incredible bread. If you want to find out more information just use the links below to navigate to the correct mixer for you, or if you want to run your product through our state of the art bakery book a time using ‘The Test Kitchen’ tab on the header above.

We look forward to mixing it up with you soon.

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