Some Easter cheer and facts you probably never knew

With Easter coming up in a major hurry, delectable hot cross buns and beautiful chocolates are going to be in hot demand. It’s a good thing we watch the industry closely and look ahead for you, so here are some interesting statistics to digest.

Despite the confectionery industry being under supposed pressure in recent years amidst consumer concerns of fats and sugars in food, Australian’s are expected to spend close to 210 million dollars this Easter on chocolate alone. Essentially, this is every single man, women and child eating or consuming a family block of chocolate each.

Even we were surprised when it’s put into that perspective.

A staggering 6 billion dollars was generated from the confectionery sector last year, so it really comes as no surprise that Australia’s love affair with chocolate ramps up dramatically at Easter time. Oh and this figure is on the rise as experts predict Australia to tip over the 6 billion dollar mark in the next financial year.

Whilst majority of this expenditure is with the major supermarkets, reports indicate that more and more Australian’s are looking to purchase their confectionery elsewhere, looking for quality and presentation over cheap prices. With the presence of social media giants such as Instagram and Facebook playing a major part in consumer behaviour, it’s no wonder modern society is now looking to branch out, explore their options and go for something more appealing. Boutique chocolate shops are popping up with large success, generating massive fan followings and dazzling customers with amazing skill and flavour.

We are starting to see the change in trends, there is always going to be a huge market for your standard chocolate in a box at the supermarket but consumers are now starting to take on new experiences, heading to places like Burch & Purchese, Sisko or New Farm Confectionary, not only is it premium chocolate you are buying but an experience as well.

At Vanrooy we have seen this gradual change in real time and continue to be amazed by what our customers and the industry as a whole is producing. Aesthetically delightful shop fit outs, amazingly presented confectionery creations and customer interactions with celebrity chefs all play a part in this change. Of course, we have been here to help as well.

To support this growing movement, Vanrooy and Chocolate World have been working closely with some of Australia’s most talented confectionery producers to ensure our machinery not only fulfils expectations but continues to operate above and beyond expected. We pride ourselves in helping to achieve an exceptional product quality and continue to look into the future to innovate further, aligning ourselves with the current increase in demand for premium confectionery products found in recent studies.


Now enough about confectionery, what about the humble but delicious Hot Cross Bun.

A Easter tradition and Australian must have, consumers all around the country love this fruity goodness and for great reason, some even call for it to stay all year round but do you really know how much Australian’s love these little gems?

Coles category manager Freddie Hancock addressed the media regarding their reports that hot cross buns were coming out too early in the year. Stating, “Coles alone sold millions of hot cross buns in January”, that’s right, you read correctly, JANUARY!

As you can imagine, Woolworths would not be outdone and was leading the charge for supremacy in the hot cross bun market.

During its last Easter period, Woolworths sold a whopping 72 million hot cross buns, up 20 percent the year before. Ben Thompson, Woolworths bakery manager said “shoppers do not want to wait until close to Easter to eat hot cross buns”

He also stated “the countdown is on for customers for hot cross buns as soon as Christmas is over”

So what does this all mean?

Well like we explained before, consumer spending on these events or times of year are up, significantly up. Not only has their spending increased though but the market for higher quality, more aesthetically presented products has also increased, largely due to the ever-growing social media presence. Small business are realising this trend and taking their slice of the pie.

Clever marketing, amazing photos, immaculate presentation and clear distinction between their hot cross buns love and quality in comparison to those being mass produced is clear. There is of course a place for all of them in the market and it’s great to see the choice of flavour and quality we now have. Whether you are lining up out the front of Baker D Chirico in Carlton for some of the most renowned hot cross buns in the country or heading to your local Woolworths to pick up their new brioche range there are some good choices around.

Luckily to support these astonishing demands and increases in consumption, Vanrooy aligned with Fortuna, Salva, Escher and Tekno Stamap have all the machines to make the hot cross buns of your dreams and meet the rising demands of your future customers.

If you would like to increase and improve your confectionery or hot cross bun production aligned with the industry expenditure trends have a click below or feel free to contact Vanrooy directly.

Happy Easter.



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