Tekno Stamap Industrial Smart Sheeter

The Smart and Industrial Smart series utilises user-friendly programming and operation, all while combining the speed of automatic sheeters with the ease of use of manual machines.

Key Features

  • Programable automatic dough sheeter
  • Designed for ease use and maximising your productivity
  • Available in Smart and Indusrial Smart range
  • Industrial Smart is equipped with an extra heavy duty frame
  • Smart equipped with folding table capabilities for space saving
  • Variable speed of the belts from 20 to 100 cm/sec
  • Quick programming with “smart software”
  • Touch-screen control board
  • 50 working programs to be set
  • Possibility of programs sequence
  • Automatic/manual working functions
  • Options include Automatic Flour Dusting, Cutting attachments and Automatic Roll Up
  • Easy to move
  • Made in Italy

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Product: Tekno Stamap Industrial Smart Sheeter
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