The Inaugural Vanrooy Open Day Recap

Supported by an incredible line up of industry talent including Masters de la Boulangerie Australian representative Dean Tilden and an array of locally sourced ingredients, The Vanrooy Open Day showcased a broad spectrum of skills and unique product creations. Abbots and Kinney’s Jonny Pisanelli demonstrated the art of creating an amazing Sfogliatella whilst Dean Tilden and Brett Noy explored just about every avenue in bread creation including flavour combinations we had never heard of before.

The Vanrooy Open Day was an opportunity to learn from industry leaders, gain knowledge on new product concepts, understand the importance of continually innovating and most importantly, the chance to taste an astonishing amount of food.

The Open Day was a definitely something different to the typical events held within the industry and with an incredible response for the day we asked David Van Rooy what prompted the idea. He stated, “We just wanted to do something new and exciting that hasn’t been done before. I think it’s important to not only show off the incredible Australian talent, high quality ingredients and exciting equipment we have but to also just have a good time with individuals who share the same passion, that’s why we created The Open Day” David Van Rooy.

The Vanrooy Open Day was held in their state of the art 165m2 Test Kitchen located in their Dandenong warehouse. Not only were there interactive live demonstrations throughout the day but they also had drinks and canapes to finish and many door prizes including 350kg of Laucke flour to 3 lucky winners and the major prize, The complete Modernist Bread Collection.

After the success of their inaugural Open Day, the team at Vanrooy are now looking to make this an annual event.

Vanrooy Turns 40
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