The History Of Mockmills

Have you ever wondered why the flour we buy from supermarkets has such a long shelf-life? Well, it’s because the industrial food complex removes everything that gives the grain its unique flavour and nutritional value; thereby turning it into a generic, white-starch powder made from hybridised wheat that can be used in products for months on end. 

We can’t say we’re huge fans of this, and the guys at MockMill certainly aren’t either. In fact, they’ve devoted their entire business to producing high-quality, countertop grain mills to encourage everyone to easily mill their own whole grain flour instead.  

It all started in 1975 when founder Wolfgang Mock received a loaf of fresh home-baked bread for his birthday. He later found out that the reason this bread was superior to the other loaves he usually consumes was because it had been made with freshly milled flour. After discovering the labour involved in milling grain berries into fresh whole grain flour by hand, and not being impressed with the shortcomings of an electric mill he purchased, the idea to create his own was born. Wolfgang was (and still is!) completely convinced that access to freshly milled flour was a basic necessity for every kitchen; and so he set himself the task of creating high quality, convenient and affordable home grain mills that would make this a reality.

Flash-forward 46 years and Mockmill is now an expensive range of milling machines that allow you to mill any grain you want, anytime, anywhere; thereby allowing your creativity and product range to run wild. Whether you’re a home-baker or working in a larger commercial bakery creating specialty loaves, the possibilities with this machine are endless, allowing you to enhance the flavours of just about anything you bake.

Vanrooy are proud to be the official dealer for Mockmill Australia and now carry stock of the entire Mockmill range so that you can produce the finest, highest quality flour with the mill that perfectly suits you. 

Included in the range is the: Mockmill 100 Flour Mill, Mockmill 100 Lino Flour Mill, Mockmill 200 Flour Mill, Mockmill 200 Lino Flour Mill and Mockmill 200 Professional Flour Mill. You can learn more about this amazing range and their differences here.

If you would like to make an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here. Our team of professionals are always available and happy to assist with whatever you may need.  



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