Salva Power Master Control

Introducing Salva Power Master Control.

Power Master Control is an industry leading, power saving technology that allows you to bake all of your amazing products using less power. Take back control of your power usage and maximise your baking performance with Salva’s amazing power saving capabilities. Better yet, it’s standard on the entire range of new Modular Deck Ovens.

So why is Salva’s Modular Deck Oven range the industry leader in baking performance and energy efficiency? That can be answered in some simple dot points below.

– Power Master Control provides you the ability to reduce the ovens installed power, adjust power usage and importantly, use less power than the competition as a result.

– All Salva Modular Deck Ovens are fitted with hand made ceramic heating elements. This not only  creates greater heat retention and energy efficiency but also a more gentle heat for your products. Salva are the only brand to utilise the efficiency of handmade ceramic elements top and bottom.

– Salva Modular Deck Ovens are built with emphasis on thermal mass and increased insulation thickness throughout, giving the oven better performance and increasing the heat retention further. This means you won’t be drawing as much power throughout your bakes and your oven will recover faster. Here’s a tip, next time you look at a deck oven, compare the side profile from the front and the space top and bottom where insulation and thermal mass is accumulated. You will notice a significant difference between the slim profile of the other ovens compared to the volume and thickness incorporated in the design of the Salva range.

– All of the above results in a delicate and even heat distribution capable of perfectly baking delicate pastries to crusty artisan sourdough.

– Finally, you can connect your deck oven and suite of Salva equipment to Salva Link, allowing you to control your data, running costs and oven activity all from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, there is a lot of technical information and numbers to support the main points above and these can be provided depending on the Salva Modular Deck Oven you are looking at.

So what are you waiting for, come in a view the Salva Modular Deck Oven range in action and see the difference for yourself or contact your Vanrooy expert who will happily explain the benefits of Power Master Control for your production.

Come into our test kitchen or set up a video call and let us show you the differences live – real data in real time.

Contact us here. 

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