Pavoni Cookmatic Tartlet Machine

The Pavoni Cookmatic tartlet machine is designed to make your life easy. With interchangeable plates and endless mould options, the choice is yours

Key Features

  • Perfect for preparing bases for tartlets, sweet and savoury pastries
  • Interchangeable plates for the production of bases in various shapes and sizes
  • Available in 2 models, Cookmatic & Cookmatic Special
  • Special allows for deeper 45mm interchangeable plates as well as standard 25mm Cookmatic plates
  • Endless mould options, shapes and designs to choose from
  • Two plate design ensures the production of perfectly cooked and formed bases
  • Utilises Pavoni technology and software for accurate cooking control
  • Set the desired temperature and time to turn out perfect bases every time
  • Cookmatic enables just one operator to produce around 700 mignon tartlets an hour.
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Designed to be simple to pull apart and clean
  • Dimensions 53 x 44 x h 38 cm

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Product: Pavoni Cookmatic Tartlet Machine
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