Enrich360 Food Waste Dehydrators

Enrich360 are a range of food waste bio-dehydrators that are designed to turn your wastage into fertiliser by utilising a fully automated process of dehydration, sterilisation and volume reduction of up to 90%.

Key Features

  • Food waste bio-dehydrators
  • Designed for small, medium and industrial food manufacturers
  • Capacity per day of 22 – 1100kg depending on model and size
  • Convert meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, coffee grinds, flowers etc (See brochure)
  • Reduce original waste volume between 80-93%
  • Empty bins into the top of the unit and begin cycle
  • Bin lifters/tippers available for large industrial units
  • Enrich360® certified distributors collect the fertiliser or you can use it for your own garden
  • Designed to complete a cycle approximately every 8-10 hours
  • Simple to use functionality
  • Reduce landfill and your environmental impact
  • Eligible for government grants and cash incentives (State dependant)
  • Enviro-crate are manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • Watch video below and full length video here

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Product: Enrich360 Food Waste Dehydrators
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