Janssen Cookie machines

Janssen pastry moulding machines are specially designed for efficient cutting, shaping and forming of cookies and pastry cases. Available in benchtop to large scale production capacities, Janssen have the perfect solution ready for you.

Key Features

  • High-quality baked goods that are far superior to mass-produced discounter products
  • Janssen pastry moulding machines save time and labour costs
  • Logo-embossed pastries for your café, nut pastries, Gewürztaler (German spiced cookies) cheese biscuits and other seasonal specialties.
  • Janssen pastry moulding machines enable you to produce at full capacity all year round by utilising endless dough strips and diamond grid pastry patterns,pastries, and tartlets in your production
  • Use your Janssen pastry moulding machine to cover your baking pans with fine shortcrust pastry bases and top off the inserted filling with a decorative diamond grid pattern
  • Produce pastry bases in different thicknesses and diameters and use your Janssen pastry moulding machine to create striking tartlet shapes
  • Available in benchtop, small, medium & large scale units
  • Easy to move and clean
  • Easy dough feed systems

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Product: Janssen Cookie machines
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