Bralyx TUBO 3.0 Hotmixer

Designed by Bralyx to be a cooking mixer with simple to use features, the Tubo 3.0 utilises Bralyx technology to perform tasks such as cooking, mixing, beating and kneading consistently with absolute ease.

Key Features

  • Practical and easy-to-use equipment
  • Heating: industrial burner for manufactured gas/ (low pressure) and gas bottle version/ (high pressure)
  • Balancing System: Head with side-balancing which does not require force, only its rotation to remove the cooking pan
  • Termopar: Gas anti-leakage system which detects the absence of flame and blocks the gas flow
  • All parts in contact with flame are made of stainless steel
  • Secure system which avoids contact between the operator and the mechanical component as the intelligent sensors detect when the bars are removed
  • Fast engaging to remove the mixer
  • Cooking pan fixture Strap with front balance to remove the product without needing to lift the pan
  • Protection screen in the upper part of the cooking pan
  • A control board with an electronic ignition is used to light the fire and system.
  • Relay and safety sensors. System to turn off the machine completely through an emergency red key on the front of the unit

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Product: Bralyx TUBO 3.0 Hotmixer
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