Bralyx Maxiform Piccola 2.0 MK

Designed utilising the latest technology, the Piccolla range by Bralyx is designed to precisely form and fill a variety of sweet or savoury products.

Key Features

  • Forming and filling range designed to make sweet or savoury products with or without fillings
  • Ideal for the production of ethnic foods or products in a variety of shapes
  • Precision filling
  • These products can easily be baked or fried following forming and filling
  • Easy access for cleaning and disassembly
  • Simple to use control panel
  • Sits on a bench top or desired work space
  • Easy feed hopper
  • Hourly production from 400 to 2000 pieces per hour (35g)
  • Product size: from 7 to 90g

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Product: Bralyx Maxiform Piccola 2.0 MK
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