Bralyx Forming and Encrusting Machine

The Bralyx Piccola machine is an automatic forming and filling machine to make salty and sweet products with or without filling.

Key Features

  • Compact machine: Ideal size for little space
  • Simple and smoothly operated. Frontal panel – facility of access to the operator
  • Provides total control of product weight, size, length and shape
  • It is easy for cleaning, assembling, and repairing
  • Suitable to produce vegetarian, gluten free and lactose-free products
  • OPTIONAL: TRAY with lateral guides to avoid products falling
  • Made of stainless steel, which extend the durability and improve its quality
  • Easy access to the electronic panel and electrical board
  • The only one with a retractile conveyor and few parts
  • Diversify your menu! Transform your equipment and make DOUBLE FILLING products*

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Product: Bralyx Forming and Encrusting Machine
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