Introducing Merand’s Rheopan Bread Line

The RheoPan® Bread Line has been labelled as Merand’s most versatile piece of equipment, generating a lot of interest amongst big bakeries and semi-industrial bakers around the world. The machine range that is part of the Bread Line allows for the production of a wide variety of products with different types of doughs, without stress, and with a very good precision in weights. Another key benefit of this Bread Line is that all components can be purchased individually, allowing the Line to be flexible and cater to each customers’ specific needs. 

Read on to learn more about the different components that make up the RheoPan® Bread Line, and head to our website for further information. 

Precision Divider 

The RheoPan Precision Divider has been specifically crafted for both highly hydrated doughs and hard doughs. This component of the Bread Line gives you the possibility to divide dough pieces with high weight accuracy thanks to the double weighting system, which will adjust settings while the dough is still fermenting and being divided. Its no-stress dividing system helps to keep high quality standards, and the rectangular final shape when exiting the divider will give you beautiful ciabattas, focaccias, square small breads etc. 

  • Weight range: 100-2400g or 50-1300g (model dependant)
  • Capacity: Up to 875kg/dough/hr*


The Rotaball is an eccentric rounder with various settings available to adjust the fitting strength so that the dough balls are rounded without any stress on the dough. It fits perfectly well with the RheoPan® System thanks to a bypass which ensures that the dough balls don’t need to be rounded and can go straight from the divider into the moulder. The possibility to adjust speed and tightness gives more flexibility to this module to produce all different kinds of breads including tin breads, buns, pizza balls and more. 

  • Weight Range: 75-4000g
  • Capacity: Up to 1800 pcs/hr*


The TopSeeds component of the RheoPan® Bread Line is an automatic seed dispenser, particularly suitable for pieces of dough that have been divided by the RheoPan® Precision. It comes equipped with a spraying module to wet the dough before the seed module deposits the seeds and includes a water and seeds collecting container, limiting waste and facilitating the cleanliness around the machine.


The bypass is one of the keys to the versatility of this line. It gives you the possibility to let dough pieces go underneath the rounder and directly into the moulder without being rounded, which is perfect for baguettes. You can also choose to round dough pieces, and then mould them, which is perfect for products like short loaves. Alternatively, you can also just let dough pieces go underneath the rounder and fetch them back on the Work Belt.

  • Weight range: 75-4000g 
  • Capacity: Up to 1800pcs/hr* 

Workbelt Transfer Belt 

The Workbelt transfer belt has lateral work tables to manually mould or round dough pieces if necessary. It can, of course, also convey dough pieces into the Armor HV moulder.

The Armor HV                   

The Armor HV moulder is a horizontal moulder equipped with the Alvéo+® lamination system, which moulds all dough types without stress. With a horizontal moulder like this, only one belt is motorized, so the moulding is made against a fixed table, like by hand. This gives a very nice, hand-made quality to your products. In addition to that, the Armor HV moulder also has optimized features for a higher use. Its heavy-duty transmission and stainless steel covers will ensure a long lifetime and daily High Volume (HV) of production.

  • Weight range: 50-2000g
  • Capacity: Up to 1800pcs/hr* 

If you would like to inquire further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and a member from our team of experts will be happy to assist. 

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