Rheopan Bread Line

Designed as a flexible and customisable stress-free breadline, the Rheopan line has the ability to divide, weigh, seed, mould and round all bread types.

Key Features

  • Designed as a flexible and customisable stress-free breadline
  • The Rheopan line has the ability to divide, weigh, seed, mould and round all bread types
  • Ability to purchase customisable belts to skip processes as required e.g. only dividing and moulding
  • All components can be purchased individually

RheoPan® Precision

  • Dough ball weighing system and automatic adjustment of the settings ensures a high precision of work
  • Specifically crafted for both highly hydrated doughs as well as hard doughs
  • There are three models available, with hoppers from approximately 65 to 210kgs of dough
  • Capacity of 875kgs of dough per hour (model dependant)

RheoPan® TopSeeds

  • An automatic seed dispenser particularly suitable for pieces of dough that have been divided by the RheoPan® Precision
  • Equipped with a spraying module to wet the dough before the seed module deposits the seeds
  • Includes a water and seeds collecting container, limiting waste and facilitating the cleanliness around the machine

RheoPan® Armor HV

  • A horizontal moulder equipped with the Alvéo+® lamination system, which moulds all dough types without stress
  • Has an hourly rate of approximately 1,800 dough balls with a rest-time and 2 elongation phases built in
  • Highly efficient when combined to the RheoPan® Precision divider
  • Heavy duty transmission and stainless steel covers ensure a long lifetime and high volume of daily production

RheoPan® RotaBall

  • An eccentric rounder with various settings available to adjust the fitting strength so that the dough balls are rounded without any stress on the dough
  • Fits perfectly well with the RheoPan®System thanks to a bypass which ensures that the dough balls don’t need to be rounded and can go straight from the divider into the moulder
  • An hourly rate of 1,500 dough balls (for higher rates, a second rounder can be added) and can handle dough ball weights from 200 to 3,000 grams
  • Can produce up to 1,800 pieces per hour, model dependant


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