The Roboqbo – Not so humble pie

A Cultural Hero

The meat pie – A cultural symbol worshipped by Australians for over a century, gracing our favourite bakery’s, sporting events and local service stations with their crisp golden pastry, delicious meaty filling and unmistakable taste.

It becomes evident that Australian culture has elevated the quality of the humble meatpie, creating a desire to produce ‘ the perfect pie’. (now gracing the shelve sof our finest patisseries)

Why a meat pie?

Arriving to Australia with the gold rush of the 1850’s, the meat pie was originally seen asa way to keep the meat fresh whilst serving as a convenient cooking container to warm the meat up inside.

Like America’s hamburger, Italy’s pizza and Britain’s fish & chips, the meat pie has become an iconic Australian symbol, representing a delight that Australian’s and tourists alike crave to indulge in. A cooking container no more, the modern meat pie represents an expression of flavor and ingredient possibility’s that satisfy the palate’s of customers around the country.

Not all pies are created equal

In a world where time is of the essence and anything shy of perfection is frowned upon, why leave your food open to inconsistency?

Creating a cultural hero is subject to hours of labour with the real chance of inconsistency, potentially causing bitterness, sticking and burning and wasting your precious time, well it used to be…

A not so humble pie

Take the lamb shoulder pie. Current cooking time as explained by our customer is 5 hours to achieve the desired tenderness and flavour. The QBO was programmed for a 2 step process and “all in” method. It couldn’t be easier. Load ALL ingredients(diced lamb shoulder, onion, celery, carrot, bay leaves and dark beer) into QBO, start the program and walk away.

The machine will start on static vacuum cooking to lock in the colour and nutrients before automatically changing to pressure cooking to finish. Step 2 is simply adding your thickening agent – in this case flour and beer). Total cooking time is 40-minutes – that’s 85% less time than their current method!

To hot fill your pies, extract the meat immediately. If you cold fill, you can set an additional phase to cool the meat in the bowl quickly (closed circuit chilled water gives even faster results). And the result according to the customer“exceptional – a far more intense flavour than we have ever achieved”.

And if that’s not impressive enough, the machine will also clean itself in one of three cleaning cycles – cold, hot or sterilisation – ready for its next job.


Working parallel with the Roboqbo to achieve excellence, your choice of Salva Oven will be the final destination to cook your pie. Be it your Salva Modular Deck Oven with the ability to control top and bottom heat independently for the perfectly cooked base or your Salva Kwik-co Convection Oven to ensure fast heat recovery and temperature consistency.

The Salva Oven range and Roboqbo fit together like a meat pie smothered in tomato sauce at the football.

The humble Australian Pie is a constant evolution of exciting new flavours and possibilities, these opportunities should only be limited by your imagination as you allow the Roboqbo and Salva oven’s to manage the rest. Create your own cultural hero now but with big a difference, it’s ‘exceptional’.

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