Tekno Stamap Production Makeup Line

The Tekno Stamap production make up line is designed to speed up your pastry production using the latest in technology to effeciently and consistently produce a variety of pastry creations.

Key Features

  • Designed to significantly increase your pastry production
  • Automatic calibrating unit and flour duster
  • Humidifier
  • Volumetric pneumatic dosing unit with valves to control the suction and dosing of the product
  • Possibility of using very thick products with big pieces of particles
  • Electric or pneumatic guillotine to be located anywhere on working Table
  • Scraps recovery device
  • Electric dosing unit for homogenised creams even with medium sized particles
  • Electric panning system with pan running for double discharge of product
  • Programmable speed and product discharge
  • Touch-screen for belt speed control, dosing unit, guillotine and accessories
  • Customisable to your production needs

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Product: Tekno Stamap Production Makeup Line
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