Agriflex Stainless Steel Silos

Agriflex’s stainless steel silos are designed for the accurate automatic micro dosing of raw materials.

Key Features

  • Constant and consistent dosing
  • No material wastage
  • Automatically distribute raw materials into any point in your production
  • Clean and safer internal environment than manual handling
  • User can pre-set recipes
  • All weighing phases happen automatically until the cycles end
  • Tanks can be loaded manually or through an aspirated nozzle (Pneumatically)
  • Pneumatically loaded tanks are fitted with product level indicators
  • Agriflex drawing system
  • Check and weigh stored loads
  • Perfect dosing ensured by pad valve
  • Custom made to best fit your requirements
  • Assembled on site

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Product: Agriflex Stainless Steel Silos
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