Smeg ALFA625H-2 6 Tray 3 phase Humidified Convection Oven

With a robust stainless steel construction, modern design and rotating fans, The Smeg LFA625H-2 6 Tray 3 phase Humidified Convection Oven is an ideal choice for restaurants and other large businesses who seek excellent baking uniformity and perfect heat distribution.

Key Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction, modern and functional design
  • Built with the highest quality materials, making them particularly tough and strong
  • The heat in the oven is distributed by the means of three fans, which are turning in opposite directions, with timed direction reversal. This alternating operation guarantees uniform cooking and enhances the browning of food products in all larger cavities
  • Full stainless steel oven cavity
  • Manual electromechanical controls, extremely precise, simple and reliable
  • Adjustable rack suitable both for 600×400 and GN1/1* trays
  • Excellent baking uniformity across all trays, due to two fans rotating in opposite directions and with timed rotation reversal. This ensures a perfect heat distribution in all conditions of use
  • Excellent internal visibility due to the large glass and powerful inner light
  • Cool door with double glass
  • Double-stage door opening system
  • Manual humidifier through a plumbed water system connection
  • Electrical connection: Three phase
  • 4 wire racks (model 3805) included
  • Dimensions (mm) (WxDxH): 798x757x793
  • 24 months parts and labour warranty

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Product: Smeg ALFA625H-2 6 Tray 3 phase Humidified Convection Oven
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