Salva Sirocco SP Double Rack Oven

Salva Sirocco SP Double Rack Oven

The new Sirocco has been designed and manufactured to obtain maximum gain from the first bake. Emphasis on an energy efficient design and advanced air flow system allow a return on your investment from the outset.

Key features

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  • A double rack rotating oven with improved energy efficiency
  • Takes on double rack or 2 single racks
  • The cool touch door is an achievement in applied engineering. All heat energy is used in baking, making it safe to touch the outside of the door which is always less than 70ºC
  • Door thickness has increased from 91.5mm to 110mm, 20% increase, improving cooling and insulation, resulting in greater energy efficiency
  • Choose from models SP21, 22 or 23, depending on where the Heat Exchanger is located.
  • Premium Control Panel with 100 Programs, Automatic
    Damper and many more functions
  • Automatic or Manual Operation.
  • Motorised Automatic Damper.
  • Provides perfectly even baking.
  • Superior build, quality & insulation.
  • 3 heat exchanging stages allow optimum performance.
  • Double rack capacity of various configurations possible.
  • Dimensions will depend on the model required

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