Salva Pizza Ovens

The perfect solution to meet all your pizza needs. The all new Salva Modular Pizza range is ready to create your perfect pizza in minutes.

Key Features

  • Designed to make cooking pizza easy and consistent
  • World-wide recognition for baking quality, flexibility and versatility
  • Guaranteed uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber
  • Independent modules allow for greater capacity
  • Energy efficient unique heat distribution system
  • Operate at 33% below nominal power
  • On castors
  • E-Advance Touch Control Panel
    • Programmable motorised draft
    • 3 control zones: Opening-Ceiling-Floor
    • Viewer for steam ready
    • 100 programs
    • ECO parameter (Auto power off)
    • ECU parameter (Maintains efficient temperature)
  • You can bake four 30cm pizzas at a time per deck
  • One-piece cemented hearth able to reach 400ºC
  • Able to bake a fresh dough pizza in 4-5 minutes and a pre-cooked dough pizza in 2-3 minutes

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Product: Salva Pizza Ovens
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