Salva Magma Oven

The Magma ovens by Salva are cyclothermic ovens that work through radiant panels and are designed to satisfy the bread-baking standards of even the most demanding, traditional baker.

Key Features

  • Designed as a cyclothermic ovens that utilises a stone floor
  • Minimal heat loss when unloading
  • Features a rapid loading/unloading system
  • Load bread directly onto the hot stone sole system
  • Manufactured to meet your production requirements
  • Fluorescent lighting throughout interior
  • Steam distribution system
  • Available in single rack, double rack or rapid unloading system
  • Automatic functionality with loader
  • The bread loaves are deposited on boards in which they ferment
  • The boards with fermented loaves are placed on the transfer trolley, from which they are taken automatically and placed in the oven
  • The bread is deposited straight on to the oven sole
  • The loading and unloading process is extremely
    fast (30 sec.) and takes place in a single operation
  • Trolleys remain inside the Oven
  • Available on stone, for trolleys or with tray unloading system

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Product: Salva Magma Oven
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