Salva Bread Slicer – Self Serve

Salva’s range of Self-Serve Bread Slicers provide a fast, precise and clean way for customers to slice their own bread safely.

Key Features

  • Designed to withstand any type of effort and continuous work situations
  • Fast, precise, clean slicing thanks to suitable linear speed and the quality of the blades
  • Low maintenance and long working life
  • Table top and floor standing bread slicers with a cutting width of 45 to 60cm
  • Classic appearance and refined design
  • Lever with progressive traction
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Flaps which allow the bread to be optimally maintained at the exit of the machine, making it much easier to pick it up
  • Self-locking device that prevents access to the blades whilst still allowing the cutting process to continue
  • Non-stick, so oil lubrication isn’t necessary
  • Made of Teflon which allows a clean and smooth cut of all types of bread
  • Ability to adjust the cutting thickness, allowing you to easily select the number of slices and their thickness between 2 and 25mm (depending on the type of bread)
  • The Automatic Claw stabilises the bread during cutting and ensures bread handling after the cut
  • Made in Spain

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Product: Salva Bread Slicer – Self Serve
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