Salva 2 Arm Mixer

The Salva Two Arm Mixer range has been designed to perfectly knead any type of dough, whilst giving you the option of 6 different size capacities to ensure the best solution is always achieved.

Key Features

  • Designed for many dough types
  • Perfect for soft doughs, confectionery, deserts and pizza doughs
  • Highly versatile and resistant
  • Essential for bakers looking to reproduce traditional hand mixing
  • Allows for a high degree of oxygenation
  • Bowl and mixing arms manufactured from stainless steel
  • Simple tipping functionality
  • Tip directly into a hopper or onto a bench
  • Bowl support plate eliminating any bowl swinging
  • Available in 6 models between 25 – 150kg flour capacity
  • Easy to use

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Product: Salva 2 Arm Mixer
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