Round Banneton Basket

Crafted from natural rattan with no chemical additives, this bread proofing basket is ideal for the health-conscious and environmentally friendly baker. Rattan is an exceptional material that removes excess water from your dough, allowing it to breathe during the proofing process; thereby creating a more stable, dome-shaped loaf that is plump and packed with flavour.

Key Features

  • Hand made from 100% naturally grown rattan material
  • Perfect for any bakery, patisserie, wholesale and home baker
  • Simply proof any type of bread in the basket and dust lightly with flour
  • Used here at Vanrooy for all industry demonstrations/customer trials with renowned bakers and chefs
  • Includes 1x Liner Cloth
  • Built to last
  • Food safe rattan cane
  • Environmentally friendly & reusable
  • Dimensions: 22cm X 8.5cm
  • Also available in oval shape
  • Please send an enquiry with your desired quantity, bulk purchase discounts will apply for orders 30+ and we will ensure the best postage method is used for your location

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Product: Round Banneton Basket
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