Roboqbo Universal Processing System – Qbo

What is QBO? The Roboqbo does it all. It creates food in the matter of minutes, not hours, and leaves you mesmerised in the process. It can complete a huge variety of products from meat pie fillings to risotto, vibrant jams to soft cheeses, all whilst increasing all their natural properties, colours and flavours.

Key Features

  • Qbo can cook, cool, concentrate, knead, refine, cut, mix homogenise & pulverise any type of food
  • Increase product quality, colour, consistency and shelf life
  • Stores up to 100 recipes
  • Drastically cuts all cooking time
  • Self cleaning functionality
  • 10.1” HD touch screen control panel
  • Extremely fast heating up to 120°C then cool
  • Exchange surface temperature managed from control panel
  • Programmable vacuum
  • Fast concentrations
  • Tool speeds can reach 3000 rpm
  • Create almost anything. From pastes to risotto, confectionary to cheese the Qbo will create more food than you can think of
  • For an in depth look at the Roboqbo please refer to the extensive brochure below. It covers everything Qbo including cooking time comparisons of products and the innovative technology behind the machine

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Product: Roboqbo Universal Processing System – Qbo
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