Rhima VX 231 Tunnel Basket Crate Washer

The VX-231 is suitable for clients who need to wash and sanitise anything from crates, containers, buckets, utensils etc. They are ideal for bakeries, pastries and for the general food industry.

Key Features

  • Double skinned construction, in AISI 304
  • Deep formed wash tank and boiler in AISI 316
  • Stainless steel scrap screens & pump filters
  • Removable stainless steel wash & rinse arms
  • User friendly electronic controls
  • Rinse water saver
  • Back-flow prevention valve
  • Suitable for large output
  • Energy saving
  • Versatile flexibility with functionality
  • Crate size up to 510x500mm
  • Washing height of 500mm

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Product: Rhima VX 231 Tunnel Basket Crate Washer
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