Rhima LP4 S8 Plus Pot & Utensil Washer

With a rack size of 1350x725mm and a useful washing height of 820mm the LP4 is an ideal unit to wash and sanitise utensils, trays etc in a medium to large sized bakery.

Key Features

  • Double skinned construction
  • Deep-formed tank
  • Independent stainless steel wash & rinse arms
  • Double tank filter with debris collection system & pump filter
  • Self cleaning vertical pump
  • Electronic controls
  • Four washing cycles
  • Energy saving
  • Thermostop to guarantee the rinse temperature to HACCP requirements
  • Multichromatic start key
  • Optional steam condenser
  • Rack size of 1350x725mm
  • Washing height of 820mm

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Product: Rhima LP4 S8 Plus Pot & Utensil Washer
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