Merand Intermediate Proovers

Machine allowing a rest of the dough pieces, with automatic loading from a weighing divider and automatic output to a moulder.

Key Features

  • The Merand Intermediate Proovers is designed for the resting of dough pieces in the correct environment
  • Once dough division has been completed, simply rest manually in the manual proofer
  • Dough can be taken straight from the manual proofer into the moulding stage
  • Equipped with Nyltex’s gutters and also with its cleaning pack
  • Simple to operate and use
  • Eliminate the handling of trays
  • Available in 6 models for different dough types and sizes
  • Easy to move on castors
  • An extra rounding bench with a felt can be added.

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Product: Merand Intermediate Proovers
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