Merand Armor Moulder

The Merand ABS Moulder has been specifically designed to consistently and efficiently produce perfect traditional and pointed end baguettes. You can also utilise this technology to create amazing loaves and flatbread.

Key Features

  • Perfect for traditional and pointed-ended baguettes inline moulding
  • System also allows for perfect moulding of loaves and creating flatbread
  • Mould dough pieces from 50gr to 2000g (2kg), with an output of up to 2000 dough pieces/hour
  • Stretching system between the belt and fixed belt
  • Two control points for laminating and elongation adjustments
  • Designed with Merand system that prevents the dough from warming up
  • Perfect moulder to connect to a bread line
  • Thick woven wool moulding belts
  • Silent transmission line system
  • Designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning
  • Accessories are available to provide a wide range of moulding possibilities, among them the patented system Pointop® for baguettes with pointed tips and also the short loaf guide
  • Available in HV model for production greater than 2000 dough pieces/hour

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Product: Merand Armor Moulder
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