Merand Industrial Baguette Line 300

The Merand Aqua Pan 300 is a machine made for the formation of all types of breads and is ideal for the production of highly hydrated and long proved dough.

Key Features

  • Ideal for the production of highly hydrated and long proved dough up to 90% water
  • The dough buckets are installed on the in-feed tray
  • The core system of the Aqua Pan is to gently calibrate the dough buckets when passing through the Multi Roller
  • Once it has been calibrated to your product specifications, the dough is cut in stripes through a set of cutting discs
  • The stripes are separated with plastic strap spreaders on a specific table
  • The left over cut is retired automatically and can be stock in a bucket underneath the table
  • The last operation consists in cutting the stripes to your product length with a guillotine that can give either a straight or an angle cut
  • This guillotine is located on a specific station after the separating stripes spreaders
  • Finally, the machine feeds automatically the tray that you hand place underneath the moving belt
  • Production capacity: 300 to 600 kg per hour

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Product: Merand Industrial Baguette Line 300
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