Ifi Sam80 Display Case

Ifi Sam80 Display Case

A professional gelato display case with front glass at 90 degrees, only one metre deep, and equipped with the advantages of the HCS system.

Key features

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  • RDF system reduces the number of defrosts, thereby benefiting the preservation of the gelato
  • Energy savings and greater hygiene thanks to the combination of RDF and the HCS closure system, made with Plexiglas sliding doors
  • Double evaporator
  • 6 different possible angles for the display top
  • LED lighting
  • Easy routine maintenance thanks to the filter that can be easily removed from the operator side
  • Base on legs or flush-mounted wheels
  • 4 Season options: gelato, pastry, dry-heat and cold snack
  • 6 position-adjustable trays
  • Made in Italy

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