Ifi Refrigerated Chocolate Display Case

With a proper jeweller type display, Chocolat has been designed for the master chocolate makers looking to give importance to their masterpieces. Each display includes a theca of glass and light in which every praline is individually lit and enhanced to involve all senses of the customer.


Key Features

  • Glass opening with pistons
  • Free-standing display case
  • It is possible to connect two or more display cases
  • Can also be used to display pastries and pralines
  • Neutral drawer for trays, ribbons, packages
  • False drawer with cuts for motor ventilation
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Series lighting operator side and client side
  • Optional: 2 adjustable LED spotlights at the side of the display shelf
  • Made in Italy

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Product: Ifi Refrigerated Chocolate Display Case
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