Ifi Gelato Pivot Refrigerator

Born to enhance Gelato, Pastry and Pralines, Pivot is the new benchmark for refrigerated vertical display cases.

Key Features

  • 360 degree product display
  • Heated double-chamber glass to stop condensation
  • Anti-fog system
  • 3-bar LED lighting with diffused and grazing light to enhance display
  • 6 display levels
  • In the ventilated versions, the evaporator is integrated into the base, for the benefit of an even more generous and barrier-free display
  • An advanced refrigeration system that enhances the organoleptic qualities and appeal of products on display
  • Built-in lights and accurate design of each internal element facilitate all cleaning operations
  • Quick and easy maintenance without the use of tools
  • Strong focus on energy saving

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Product: Ifi Gelato Pivot Refrigerator
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