Ifi Gelato Panorama Technology

Ifi’s Panorama technology brings together perfect gelato preservation in pozzetto counters and flavour visibility in the display cases, offering new ideas and opportunities for presenting and serving artisan gelato.

Key Features

  • Unlike normal pozzetti, the gelato can be seen
  • The LED perimeter lighting highlights the natural colours of the gelato
  • Ideal for built-in solutions
  • Insulated tanks make it possible to create a potentially endless double row of tubs that are always evenly spaced and can even have different operating temperatures
  • Easy to remove all the elements from inside the tank, which can then be washed by hand or in a dishwasher
  • Fitted with anti-rotation tubs
  • Several units available with a different style of insert depending on the look you are after

Panorama Xylo:

  • Equipped with 5 1.3 kg gelato pans
  • Designed to respond to the needs which have come out of the growing contamination of artisan gelato with other food areas

Fast Panorama:

  • Fast Panorama is the Panorama Technology applied to the Fast pozzetto, the plug and play pozzetti counter, which is ready for use wherever there is a power socket
  • Available in four lengths: 4 holes, 6 holes, 8 holes and 10 holes

Panorama Pans:

  • At only 70 cm deep, it fits into any available counter or surface
  • Energy and food preservation

Panorama America:

  • Free-standing refrigeration
  • Fitted to be equipped with tubs calibrated for gallon unit

Bit Panorama: 

  • The tiniest and most basic freestanding unit in the field of artisan gelato interfaces
  • Easy installation enhances opportunities for gelato makers who aim to offer their product in new places outside their usual space, as well as for creative entrepreneurs planning to expand their business

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