Ifi Gelato Coolbox

With the Gelato Coolbox, artisan gelato can leave the shop inside a professional suitcase with two anti-rotation tubs, insulated like a gelato display case (with 4 hours of perfect gelato storage + 2 hours of service) and without the need of electric power.

Key Features

  • Doesn’t require electrical power
  • Take your gelato anywhere, any time
  • Isothermal container made with rota–moulded polyethylene
  • Insulated container with low density injected polyurethane (40 kg/mc)
  • Cooling through semicircular eutectic containers
  • Anti-rotation tubs with lids in PEHD, a non-toxic plastic material for food use
  • The lids are insulated to guarantee the maintenance of internal temperature
  • Seals made of platinic silicon (a high-quality green material) are removable for better hygiene
  • 4 hours of perfect gelato storage + 2 hours of service
  • Lengths: 600mm (23.62”)
  • Depth: 300mm (11.81”)
  • Height: 514mm (20.24”)
  • Weight : 18Kg (39 LB)
  • Made in Italy

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Product: Ifi Gelato Coolbox
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