Ifi Gelato and Pastry Lumière Counter

Lumière is a perfect combination of technology and design, offering special visibility of gelato and pastries thanks to the unique curvature fo the glass. It also guarantees a superior quality of food preservation, hygiene and energy-saving.

Key Features

  • Choose from a Gelato display, Pastry display, Hot display or Multi Display
  • Ranging from -12 degrees to +80 degrees depending on model chosen
  • Laminated curved front glass for a perfect visibility
  • Front glass heated with tungsten wires, allowing a differentiated heating to the advantage of energy saving
  • An RDF system that reduces the number of defrosts, benefiting the preservation of the gelato and your products
  • Energy savings and greater hygiene thanks to the combination of RDF and the HCS closure system
  • Hidden hinge for a greater visual
  • LED lighting
  • Height of gelato up to 8 cm from the edge of the pan
  • Back closure available in 8mm plexiglass sliding doors or with a fibre glass panel
  • HCS (Hi-performance Closure System) technology, available on both rear closure systems supplied with the display cabinet
  • Made in Italy

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Product: Ifi Gelato and Pastry Lumière Counter
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