Wood Fired Home Pizza Oven

The new Alfred range by Four Grand Mere has been aesthetically designed for perfecting your outdoor food entertaining area. Discover delicious new flavours and add a touch of class to your backyard or inside your home with the Alfred range.

Key Features

  • Designed to perfectly cook pizza and various meats whilst also being great for bread, pastry, stews etc.
  • Brand new range with an aesthetic design at the forefront
  • Created to suit the modern household
  • Durable construction for outdoors
  • Wood storage underneath oven
  • Double coated exhaust pipe with swivelling and removable hat
  • Available in 3 size options
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Laser thermometer
  • Complete with chopping board/tray
  • Made in France

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Product: Wood Fired Home Pizza Oven
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